Monday, 29 March 2010

Quilts at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Phew! what a busy Friday!

I started out on the 6-30 train to London, arriving at 9am. An early start I know but that means I get lots of time in town. It seems in London at least spring has arrived. It was warm and sunny with the first early blossom on the trees in the parks.

First stop, the Aveda salon for a long overdue appointment with my lovely hairdresser Liene, she turns up the glamour in me every time I see her. I always leave a relaxed new woman. Thank you Liene!

Its a great treat to meet my friend Liz, we don't meet very often but always seem to carry on the conversation where we last left off. She and I both have a love of quilting so a visit to the exhibition at the V&A was a must.

The quilts were a real inspiration, I particularly loved the bed hangings that are the first thing you see as you go in. The patience needed to piece all those clam shells for such a large piece is amazing.

I was moved by two of the exhibits, the grandmothers flower garden quilt made by young women and girls, prisoners of war in the Changi camp and the male prisoners at Wandsworth prison in London who found peace and calm through there quilting.

If you can get to London to see this exhibit you won't be disappointed, I will certainly be going back for another visit before it closes in the summer.
You can get more info at the Victoria and Albert Museum web site.

After a pot of Earl Grey tea in Harrods we enjoyed a very late lunch and lots of memories before going off to catch my train home, which I nearly missed buying these beautiful Peaony Roses.
I jumped on the train just as the guard was blowing his whistle, again phew!!!

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