Sunday, 19 June 2011

Moving to my own little 'Mouse House'.

I'm all packed up and almost ready to go.

 Now that my grandson has left home to have an independent life I have decided to make a move myself.

I've been sorting out rubbish and filling boxes, why oh why do I have so much stuff.
When it's all hidden away in cupboards it doesn't seem so much. Now all is revealed!!!

I live in an apartment which is lovely but I really miss having a garden.
 I am limited to a pot of Sweet Peas on the balcony and a hanging basket with a tomato plant in it.

Now is the time to make a choice just for me so when I found this delightful cottage in Somerset I was so excited.
Isn't it lovely, Wisteria around the door with lovely flower borders and a garden round the back. I can't wait to move in. It will be my very own' Mouse House'.

I've just a couple of weeks to wait.
As soon as I arrive I need to sort out my workspace for Karens blog party on July 14th, don't miss it.
I'll be showing you the inside as soon as I can.

Meanwhile I'm off to London for a week to help look after my grandaughter during the birth of her new baby sister.(pop over to my other blog for news on that).

I'm certainly busy for the next few weeks but I'll keep posting to keep you up to date.

xox Angela.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

All at sea.

The coastline where I live is very beautiful, so at the beginning of the summer, I like to take a boat trip so that I can see it from the sea.

Yesterday was hot and sunny, the perfect day to board 'The Fairmile'. She was built in 1942 as a Royal Navy  World War Two gun boat and served throughout the war, however, she never needed to fire her guns in anger.
At the end of the war she was de-commissioned and along with many other similar boats was auctioned off and turned into a pleasure boat.

It was all aboard for the hour and fifteen minute trip along the South Devon Coastline to Dartmouth.

This is the mouth of the Dart with its ancient Medieval Castles guarding the entrance.
The colourful houses sit in layers on the sides of the river while the car ferries ply backwards and forwards all day.
I spent a lovely day browsing round the shops on pretty cobbled streets
and walking along the waterfront which is overlooked by The Britania Royal Naval College.

Then it was back to the boat for a leisurely cruise home.

I got back tired and hungry and a little sunburned on my nose and find a parcel by my door.

Forget being tired,,,,   forget the sunburn,,,,     eat later,,,,     but first open the parcel!
I knew who it was from and it arrived at the end of a perfect day. Thank you so very much Julia.

I had admired a beautiful tag that she had made and was delighted and honoured when I received an email asking for my address so she could send it to me.

I guess you want to see inside the box,,,, like me you can't wait!

Well here's what was inside.
A beautiful card in Julias' wonderful style with a hand written note,
Inside the little parcel was this exquisite tag, I am amazed at all the little details, a real treasure and one that I will keep special.

It doesn't end there......
inside  two organza bags were a selection of creamy white laces and a pile of the prettiest buttons.

I feel really spoiled. Julia, you'll never know how much your gift has meant to me. I've had a few ups and downs lately and your gift  has cheered me up so much. Thank you.

Check out Julias blog Vintage with Laces you'll love it!

Hope you all, have a great week,

xox Angela.