Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rachel, my Pilgrim Doll

"The Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Plymouth in Devon for the New World in 1620. They arrived at what is now known as Cape Cod on 9th of November.
They didn't land for another month, embarking eventually in New Plymouth."

                                               Rachel was one of those early settlers.

I have visited Plymouth here in Devon many times, it is a thrivng city with lots of history.
I also love prim dolls and like them to have there own story.
I made Rachel and I'm so pleased with her.
Her face has been drawn in and she peeks from under her bonnet.
She works hard to care for her family and
 she always carries her bible in her bag.
I've loved making her, she's another from Mouse House Prims,
now I'm thinking about another doll and another story!!
xox Angela.