Monday, 27 December 2010

A New Year Giveaway.

I'm busy making some new designs for the coming year and have been playing with some velvet flowers.
These are so pretty and in such beautiful vintage colours.
Here's a pretty pocket which I have made to give away in January.

 It's just the right size for a small camera, your plastic cards or even a few of your favourite sweeties.
It is decorated with my velvet flowers, some ribbon roses and hand embroidery.
You can buy some velvet flowers in my etsy shop to try for yourself.
Meanwhile to enter my giveaway all you need to do is;

                              Leave me a comment.
                              Be a follower  and
                              mention my giveaway on your blog.

I'll be drawing the winner on the 15th of January. Good Luck everyone and don't forget to visit for another giveaway.

xox Angela.

Friday, 24 December 2010


I found this on my grandsons facebook page, I don't know where it originally came from but I found it very moving.

' Remember this Christmas when you are eating your dinner,smiling and laughing, that in another house there's an empty chair where a hero should be sitting.
They gave up there lives so you could sit with your family, so light a candle for the heros who did not make it back and for those still serving out in Afghanistan and Iraq.'

I leave you with this, best wishes,
xox Angela.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A White Christmas inside and out.

I promised you a tour of my Christmas home but first just look what happened outside.
I woke up to a winter wonderland (along with the rest of the UK).
         This is the view from my window. It's so beautiful especially from my cosy warm home looking out!

                                                               Now for that tour!

                                         Come in through the front door and look inside.

              My hallway is warm and cosy with just a peek at my white Christmas inside.

          This little quilt always goes up at Halloween to welcome the festive winter season.
                        This is Mr Gander to welcome you, his wife will meet you later

                                                 Another little quilt covers the picture.
                              Come on in and see my favourite room.  
                             A cosy space to sit and relax with a good book and a cup of coffee.
                                           A comfy chair with some of my favourite  things
                                 I just love my white Christmas tree, I'll give you a closer look.
                                        Lots of white baubles and vintage cream makes.                                                              
                                           A peaceful display on a tarnished silver platter.

                                                   Here she is  Mrs Goose watching over us.       
                                                            A glass of winter cheer.
                                              Lovely white cyclamen, a promise of Spring.

                                                          A pretty chair to rest awhile.
       My home is dressed and ready for Christmas, my shoppings nearly done and all is well in my world .

                                                      Hope you enjoyed the tour,

                                                     Merry Christmas everyone.

                                                            XoX   Angela.
                             PS. Do you know why I'm Angela, I was born on Christmas Day!


Friday, 10 December 2010

To paint or not to paint?

Well I ummed and ahhed. should I or shouldn't I, shall I paint or not?

This is the duet stool that I have re-covered,  I just can't decid whether I like the contrast of this dark wood against the creamy whites or should I paint it to match the blanket box behind?

These are the two little Edwardian Bedroom chairs that have had there seats covered, again shall I paint or shall I not?
I won't be painting this chair, it's too pretty with those inlaid legs and back.

Please let me know whay you think about the painting. Meanwhile I'm going to dress my room for Christmas ready to give you a tour.

It's crazy in the shops but I need to be brave and face the crowds to do some shopping. Wish me luck!!!

xox Angela.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Room makeover. Day Two.

It's absolutely freezing here today!
 I walked along the sea front this morning watching the sea pounding in on an easterly wind coming straight from Siberia, I was warm as I was walking so fast but my face was so numb it felt as if I'd been in the dentists.
 Still it was a great walk and I really enjoyed my coffee when I got home.

I've spent the rest of the day sewing, lucky me!

I'm giving my sitting room a new look with some beautiful Japanese fabric from a company called quiltgate. Check out the link and find some divine vintage rose fabrics. You will have to click on the English site when you get there.

Today I made cushions.

I used some vintage French linen along with the jacquard roses as the colours were so lovely together. This linen is very a very heavy weight so it has given a lovely firm feel. Just to finish I made some rolled roses and added a tassel.

On the next one I've added some free machine embroidery and three covered buttons.

This is the last one and it's reversable . I'd run short of the darker linen so used a lighter piece as well as this pretty lace.

That was a good days work and I enjoyed every minute.

Tomorrow I'm starting on an old piano stool that badly needs some loving care. It's going to get a lick of paint and a new seat. Can't wait to start!

Don't forget to drop by and see the results.

I'll give you a tour of the new room when I'm all done.

Hugs, Angela.