Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lookout,White Rabbits in London Market.

I came across these three foot high white rabbits sitting around at the entrance to Spitalfields Market in Londons East end and I thought 'Aha' just the thing to put in my white wednesday post. I looked very carefully but did not see Alice. However these guys must have been drinking something of hers as they were 'big'.

Great I've got a theme going here, now I need more ceramics along the same lines to carry on with the post. Well my luck was in the very next day What did I find in an Essex garden centre not rabbits but ducks and sheep.

I love the sheep just sitting patiently on the shelf waiting to find a home.
The ducks look as if they are 'Quack Quack Quacking'
Have a fun white Wednesday!!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Shopping in London

Hi everyone and please forgive me for leaving so long between posts. I have only 'lame' excuses so I won't make any.

I really enjoyed my visit to Spitalfields. This Victorian Market Hall is one of the finest surviving in London and provides fashio, antiques and food to suit all tastes.

Friday was fashion day and I particularly liked Lucys' collection at http://www.neverfullydressed.com/
These were beautiful feminine pieces at great prices and a bit different from the High Street and its mass production!

Next stop Brick Lane and what a great shop I found. It was stacked from floor to ceiling with rolls of fabric, it went back for what looked like miles. The wonderful lady who runs it was so helpful and scared us to death as she climbed a rickety ladder to reach just the one I wanted.

I bought some lovely sari fabrics and soft cottons for making scarves to be part of my 2010 collection.
We finished our shopping with a scumptious Greek lunch. What a treat!!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread

I have been making Tags ready for my fair in Exeter next week. This is a first for me and I really enjoyed a couple of hours creating these. Its a learning curve using distress inks, I either used too much or too little. I think I have just about got it right!

I love this Quote, don't know where it came from but it suits me. I need to stitch every day!!

Hope you all have a good weekend, I'm off up to London for a couple of days, I need a regular London fix of shops,markets and exhibitions.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Linen and Lace.

Hi everyone,

What a treat, I spent yesterday visiting my favourite Quilt Shop and Country Store in Cornwall. You can visit yourself, just click on the link http://www.cowslipworkshops.co.uk/ I always get a warm welcome and feel like I've had a holiday when I get home.

This was the pretty display in the porch, I had to stop and admire all the lovely things.

Then into the house to see Linda and Liz with all thier beautiful antique textiles.

I would love to have all of this at home with me!
be sure and take a look at all thier goodies.
I treated myself to some French linen and some gorgeous lace, Cant wait to get them out and make something, meanwhile they are being stroked often!
If you are in Cornwall be sure to visit Jo at Cowslip you'll be glad you did!
I'm of now to think about Linen and Lace.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Inspired by Whites this Wednesday

I am nearly ready for my next fair and this time, inspired by all you White Wednesday people out in blogland, I have been working on a white collection. I have to say I am so pleased.
Thank you all for your help along the way!

I found these lovely baskets yesterday while I was out shopping. so white and so pretty.

Heres some of my collection waiting to go.

These are little notebooks, I've used my embellisher to make the fabric then machine embroidered on the top . The lace motif and the pearls are stitched on by hand. Finally I made the cord to tie around.

I have been making some hearts today and thought they would have to be decorated with the roses I made on rainy Sunday.
I was in the charity shops browsing this morning and found this delightful doily with a hand crocheted edge which is really fine thread. Its exquisite!

These napkins, a set of four in fresh white cotton just had to be mine I'm going to give them all a napkin ring and put them in my sale.
Thats my whites for this week hope you like them.
Have a great week! Angela.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Things that make a rainy Sunday special.

It's been raining for most of the night and I've woken up to grey skies, a cold wind and rain. But, it's a holiday weekend and I'm gonna enjoy it!

I had a leisurely breakfast, a hot shower, and finished with a spray of my favourite Chanel perfume, guaranteed to keep me feeling good.

I've had a whim to make cupcakes. Blame 'Mary Beth' often has them on her blog although she tends to have the decorative kind not the calorific kind

These little darlings are orange flavour
with a chocolate bottom. I just put a square of really dark chocolate in the case along with the mix. I've topped them with orange icing and grated chocolate. yum yum!

I know they will disappear overnight when the 16 year old fridge raider comes home!

For more indulgence with less calories I've spent the afternoon making fabric roses. Two kinds. one with stitching and one with glue. ( Don't you just love a glue gun-- so fast!!)
I made this pretty cuff yesterday and finished it today with a dupoin silk rose and three little pearls. I have a whole load more roses to hand finish later.
The rain has stopped and tomorrows weather is looking promising, Hurray!
Hope you all had a good weekend!