Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bed room turnaround so Sleep tight.

I'm showing you some more of my cottage today as I have finally got round to giving my bedroom a new look. I can't show you before as I forgot to take pictures, but here it is now.
My bed sits between these two tables, remember my cottage is 500 years old so all the floors are sloping in different directions, I'm lucky that these are almost level.
This is the quilt that I always use in winter. It has organic cotton wadding, so is a lovely weight.
I love needle turn applique and designed this cushion a few years ago. I finished quilting it sitting in the garden of a holiday villa in Crete, it always reminds me of  sitting under a lemon tree.

This little picture is a left over pansy from the cushion.

I love heart shaped cushions, this one is scented with French Lavender from Provence.

This is one of a series of '' Nine of Hearts '' quilts that I made several years ago, each embroidered heart has it's own quote.

Every girl needs a space to make herself ready to face the day.
This is mine!!

I found this pretty bowl for a £1 at a garage sale and filled it with Lavender and Roses. It smells divine.
Next to it is a picture of my Mum when she was in the Wrens in WW2.

Aren't these colours so pretty, Point shoes, roses and gorgeous scarves.

My pretty little chest, covered in roses, ( you realise now, I love anything with roses, ) above it a picture that was my Mothers favourite.

and finally the window seat with its view over my neighbours lovely garden.

Well thats my bedroom, my sanctuary at the end of the day, I can snuggle under my quilt with a good book and dream of tomorrows creations.

I'm working on a Christmas quilt so pop over to my other blog for a peak at my progress.

xox Angela.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Foggy Day in London.

My feet ache as I've walked for miles .............
Yesterday I met my daughter at London Bridge so that we could wander around Borough Market. It is a twice weekly market that is full of fabulous food from wonderful Artisans who travel from all over the UK and even from France with their wonderful wares.
Fabulous breads......

Wonderful chocolate.................
Yummy cakes...............

I bought lots of bread and cheese, for my supper  and  Oh!  just a small piece of cake.............

Then back out of the market with a delicious hot duck sandwich and more walking.

It was a very mild day but quite gloomy.

The Shard was lost in the fog...........
and Tower bridge was was just visible.

We walked along the Embankment and had a glass of wine sitting watching the Thames and all it's river traffic, then home with tired and sore feet.

Today was just for shopping!!!!!

I caught a bus to Stratford, home of the 2012 Olympic Village.
and also the biggest shopping centre I have ever seen, the amazing Westfield.
I felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of it so had to sit and have a Latte before I started shopping.

I've bought clothes,
had my eyebrows threaded,
had my nails buffed,
bought shoes,
and had some makeup applied.( bought some too,)

I had some fabulous Indian Street Food for lunch, followed later with two scoops of Italian Gelato for desert.

I'm home now with all my purchases, I'll be a new woman!!!

Time to sit and watch 'Strictly Come Dancing',
What a great Saturday, hope yours was too.
xox, Angela.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Walk around Walthamstow.

My son and his family live in Walthamstow in Londons East End.
There are lots of fabulous Victorian buildings mixed into a modern, vibrant, busy community. I love to walk and see the different cultures going about there daily lives amongst the very English streets.
One of my favourite walks goes past a wonderful old church.
Part of it's graveyard is modern and well kept and the rest is decaying beautifully.

 It is a quiet and peaceful place in the midst of the city hubbub.

Ancient stones and modern transport.

        Aging and tilting....not quite ready to fall over!!

This impressive family tomb dates from the 1700's, the words have nearly been worn away by the passage of time.

Round the corner is a great bakery that sells my favourite custard tarts, so I'm of for one of those and a coffee.
I'll show you more of London tomorrow.

xox Angela.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A peek at the Mouse House.

After weeks of stitching and making I'm taking a little time to do some jobs at home.....

                  Today it was a lovely mild Autumn morning with blue skies and a breeze.

                                             My winter neighbours are up and about.
                                             My whites are on the line....

                                                   and I've pruned the Wisteria.

                This is  a very neglected garden so I'll be getting some ground work done over the winter.
                                        I'll keep you in touch with my progress.
                     I'm also working on the inside of the cottage to really make it home.
                     I hope you'll keep me company as I go so watch out for more posts.

                                                         Happy weekend,
                                                          xox Angela.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Mice are back!

You may have been wondering where I have been hiding lately. I haven't forgotten my blogging friends but I have been so busy with teaching and making that my poor blog has been badly neglected.

In a few weeks time I will be able to spend some time on my house and garden, I can't wait!!!

But, first I have to be ready for 'Christmas Crafts@Cowslip' I'll be taking lots of prim makes and also a selection of my Mice.
I made my first mouse some time ago from a pattern from the fabulous Pamela at 'Soft in  the Head'. I am truly awed by her amazing talent and her wonderful humour. You may know that she is ill at the moment and I am wishing her a speedy recovery. Check out her blog too, you'll love it.

                                                                 Here are my girls.

They have yet to be named, suggestions please!!!

Heres Mrs Christmouse and two little Angels.

and three little maids in blue.

They are such fun to make and I'm not sure I want to part with them.

I promise not to neglect my Mouse House for too much longer.
I'll be showing you the work on my house and garden as I go along but first more work to do that fair is only four weeks away!!!!!
xox Angela.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cinnamon Sisters.

Here come the girls!

I've worked on these today ready for my winter fairs. A girl likes to get ahead!!!!

These sweet little Cinnamon Sisters are quick and easy to make.

I've put them to bed now in a pretty box layered with Orange peel slices and Cinnamon.

They are warm and snug in my airing cupboard ready to be packed as scented bowl fillers.

I finished the other candlestick with a pumpkin shaped Pin keep, well it started out as an apple but got lost along the way. I like it though and will be making more.

                                                Just need more candlesticks.

I've had an idea for a covered box, if it works I'll show you next time.

Have a great day.
xox Angela.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Little bird.

Just a short distance from my home is a company that weaves the most beautiful wool and flannel fabrics. I have driven past many timed since moving here and thought I should pop in and see the fabric.

Today was the day and it was amazing.

The company Fox Brothers has been making cloth since 1772.

There were shelves groaning with the most beautiful designs,soft and so touchable. It is sooo... expensive but I bought a small piece. pity you can't feel it.

Earlier I found two candlesticks  for 50 pence each, a bit too shiny for me so I gave them a coat of Annie Sloan paint.

I carefully cut out a little bird from the wool and here she is. A little pin keep!

The history of Fox Brothers is really interesting so have a look on there website. meanwhile I have a little more fabric to play with.

Have a great weekend.
xox Angela.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Chimney Sweep

My cottage dates back to the 1500's and is still  primitive in some ways. I have an open fire in my sitting room so, preparing for next winter I got the Chimney Sweep to call.

My daughter and my grandsons were visiting so it was a new experience for these 'modern' boys.
 We waited in anticipation for the brush to appear out of the top of the chimney and when it finally poked through, along with tradition, we all made a wish.

Can't tell you what I wished for or it won't come true!!!!

On one of our days out we visited Coldharbour Mill which is near my home, It is a working museum showing how wool was spun into yarn and then woven into fabric. We learnt alot from the very knowledgeable volunteers who work the old machines.

Upstair is an exhibition shows rooms from the Second World War era. Having being born shortly after the end of the war it was nostalgic for me as my home as a child was very similar.

In one of the other rooms, set out as a small operations room was this blackboard. September the 19th is my grandsons birthday.
 Finally, I loved this little girl with her gas mask.
Her face says it all!!

Have a great weekend,
xox Angela.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sewing box makeover.

I found this little sewing table in a charity shop and could see it would look great with a few tweeks.

The first thing to do was to treat the woodworm, then give the whole thing a good clean.

Next two coats of my favourite Annie Sloane paint in Country Grey. I like this colour as it has a lovely vintage look when it is rubbed down and waxed.
I found some pretty floral fabrics for inside. A padded pinboard on the lid and linings for the inside.

All finished and ready to put in my Christmas fair at Cowslip.

I've got a couple more to finish, can't resist an old sewing box!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.
xox Angela.

Friday, 22 July 2011

New makes and junk shop finds.

I been out looking in the local junk shops looking for country style pieces for my kitchen.
Here's what I found.
I love the look of these early Stainless steel teapot and milk jug. The hammered teapot pours like a dream. They both have a look of pewter, all tarnished, and grey.
They're sitting on my table which has a quilt on top made with 'Prairie Moon' fabrics and with a Churn Dash block.

This little brown jug was nearby in the same shop, don't you just love it!! It will look so pretty with some wild flowers in it.

I finished a little pin keep and a 'Keepsafe' pouch today,  I'm trying to use all my own designs at the moment so these were just an experiment.

Tomorrow I need to finish curtains, very boring, I'd rather be creating.

Keep busy and thanks for dropping by.