Thursday, 10 November 2011

Walk around Walthamstow.

My son and his family live in Walthamstow in Londons East End.
There are lots of fabulous Victorian buildings mixed into a modern, vibrant, busy community. I love to walk and see the different cultures going about there daily lives amongst the very English streets.
One of my favourite walks goes past a wonderful old church.
Part of it's graveyard is modern and well kept and the rest is decaying beautifully.

 It is a quiet and peaceful place in the midst of the city hubbub.

Ancient stones and modern transport.

        Aging and tilting....not quite ready to fall over!!

This impressive family tomb dates from the 1700's, the words have nearly been worn away by the passage of time.

Round the corner is a great bakery that sells my favourite custard tarts, so I'm of for one of those and a coffee.
I'll show you more of London tomorrow.

xox Angela.

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T's Daily Treasures said...

What a lovely place and a nice little walk. Custard tart sounds lovely! My ex-husband's grandmother used to make me custard pies -- they were so good when they were still warm from the oven. Yum! Have a great weekend. Tammy