Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cinnamon Sisters.

Here come the girls!

I've worked on these today ready for my winter fairs. A girl likes to get ahead!!!!

These sweet little Cinnamon Sisters are quick and easy to make.

I've put them to bed now in a pretty box layered with Orange peel slices and Cinnamon.

They are warm and snug in my airing cupboard ready to be packed as scented bowl fillers.

I finished the other candlestick with a pumpkin shaped Pin keep, well it started out as an apple but got lost along the way. I like it though and will be making more.

                                                Just need more candlesticks.

I've had an idea for a covered box, if it works I'll show you next time.

Have a great day.
xox Angela.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Little bird.

Just a short distance from my home is a company that weaves the most beautiful wool and flannel fabrics. I have driven past many timed since moving here and thought I should pop in and see the fabric.

Today was the day and it was amazing.

The company Fox Brothers has been making cloth since 1772.

There were shelves groaning with the most beautiful designs,soft and so touchable. It is sooo... expensive but I bought a small piece. pity you can't feel it.

Earlier I found two candlesticks  for 50 pence each, a bit too shiny for me so I gave them a coat of Annie Sloan paint.

I carefully cut out a little bird from the wool and here she is. A little pin keep!

The history of Fox Brothers is really interesting so have a look on there website. meanwhile I have a little more fabric to play with.

Have a great weekend.
xox Angela.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Chimney Sweep

My cottage dates back to the 1500's and is still  primitive in some ways. I have an open fire in my sitting room so, preparing for next winter I got the Chimney Sweep to call.

My daughter and my grandsons were visiting so it was a new experience for these 'modern' boys.
 We waited in anticipation for the brush to appear out of the top of the chimney and when it finally poked through, along with tradition, we all made a wish.

Can't tell you what I wished for or it won't come true!!!!

On one of our days out we visited Coldharbour Mill which is near my home, It is a working museum showing how wool was spun into yarn and then woven into fabric. We learnt alot from the very knowledgeable volunteers who work the old machines.

Upstair is an exhibition shows rooms from the Second World War era. Having being born shortly after the end of the war it was nostalgic for me as my home as a child was very similar.

In one of the other rooms, set out as a small operations room was this blackboard. September the 19th is my grandsons birthday.
 Finally, I loved this little girl with her gas mask.
Her face says it all!!

Have a great weekend,
xox Angela.