Wednesday, 17 March 2010

As the weather was so lovely and as it was Mothers day I took myself for a walk round the beautiful gardens at Dartington Hall. They were a favourite with my mother.

The crocuses are late this year but the spring sunshine has brought them out. Crocus lawns are spectacular.

This one forms a circle around this wonderful old tree. The purples and white and yellows of the crocuses with the sunshine coming trough the branches of the tree was quite magical.

The trees in this part of England are decorated with lichens in amazing colours ranging from soft blue greens to vibrant yellows.

Its great to capture pictures of the garden but impossible for you to smell the scents of these spring shrubs. this Daphne odorata sends its perfume all around the garden encouraging you to find the source of its heady fragrance.

Walking along the small enclosed area of witchhazels is a feast for the senses. These pretty feathery flowers are a joy to see and smell.

I'm really excited to be going to London next week to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the exhibition of quilts in the collection. I catch the 6.30am train so I can enjoy a long day in the capital. I just love it!

Keep watch for a full report on the day!

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