Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sharing my Vintage Flowers.

I love everything that is old and vintage and have worked with these pretty flowers and bead fringing since 2006. I had a very bad experience with my Australian supplier who charged me 100% over the actual price and blamed the shipping. All this left a sour taste and left me very stressed, However they are so beautiful that I am letting you see them and also starting to use my Etsy shop to sell them The bead fringe looks amazing around an old lampshade. I found this one in a skip, my grandson ran and hid as I asked the builders if I could take it away. It had water marks on the fabric so I covered them with lace motifs, then glued the bead fringes around the bottom, finally I added the Velvet pansies and leaves, I found the base at our local recycling centre and put a new bulb holder in then I had light!!
This is a mirror topper easily made by just twisting together two rose sprigs and adding a cabbage rose in the centre. It sits on this pretty mirror in my bedroom. You can see a flower pin below it, These pins look great on a plain jacket or scarf. I wear mine on the lovely cashmere pashmina that my son and daughter in law bought me last Christmas.

I love this Victorian Teacup and Saucer. The soft shades of these flowers are so nice with the pale green of the china don't you think!
Some of my best sellers when I go to fairs are these Viola Hairclips and Pins. They sell just as fast as I can make them. They can be worn in your hair or clipped to a scarf of tee shirt.

If you like these flowers and trims visit my Etsy shop and browse. I will be showing you more soon but now the sun is shining and I'm off to have a long walk by the sea!

xox Angela.


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love all your vintage flowers, and that shabby white piece that you have the rose topper on. It is to die 4. I am off to see what is in your etsy. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for dropping in.
Hugs, Pat

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

I lov the collection of Vintage flowers you have and the items you displayed them with. Have a great week....Julian