Saturday, 12 May 2012

Morning walks and a Ha Ha.

I try to walk for at least 30 minutes every morning but with all the rain we've been having lately it's not always easy.
However this morning, the skies are blue and the sun is shining so I'm making the most of it.

Today I walked around Wellington Park, a beautiful Grade II listed green space in the town.

Spring is a little late this year due to all the bad weather so these trees are just coming into leaf.
                                                 I love the old iron work, some stand free ....

others are covered in Ivy.

 This house sits at one end, maybe it was originally the park keepers house.

Here's a close up of the plaque on the front.
Fox Bros &Co were wool manufacturers in Wellington and still have a site today.

On past the pond ....

and past the wonderful period shelter.

I expect you are wondering about the Ha Ha.

These were made by the gentry to show where the garden ended and the grounds began and were designed to give an unobstructed view  over there estate.

Hope you enjoy your walks too.
xox Angela.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Guess it wouldn't be such a ha-ha if you forgot to stop before the drop. :) Looks like it was a lovely walk. Weather around here is the pits. Have a beautiful weekend. Tammy

Patty said...

I can almost feel the warmth on my shoulders, Angela! What a lovely place to enjoy a stroll~