Saturday, 18 February 2012

Piano update

Friday was such a beautiful day, it had a hint of spring, sunny, mild and with the birds singing I walked again around The Dartington Estate.
The crocus lawns are looking beautiful with their blooms in all shades of purple.

Then a brisk walk up to the top of the garden and a visit to one of 'Henry Moores' famous reclining ladies.

          She has her back to this wonderful vista.

My brother is working on a grand piano belonging to the estate that will be used in this years Summer Music School.
He is spending a lot of time restoring the veneer on the case which was  covered with black paint.

After stripping it back he is mixing different colour pigments into French Polish and is able to recreate the original look.

 You can see the leg at the back with the black paint that still has to be stripped.

The lid can give the idea of how it should look.

               Then all these have to go back.!!!!

It should be finished by the end of March, then I'll show you the final result.

Hope you are having a peaceful weekend
xox Angela.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I hope you have continued to have lovely weather in your corner of the world. I can't even imagine the work it takes into bringing that piano back to its former glory. Anyone who can put all those keys back in and make it work is a genius! :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Come visit Millie...I was able, after fighting my computer for weeks, able to post her in all of her finery!! Rest assured, she is in a loving home!!

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