Thursday, 2 September 2010

Stitching and shopping.

I started last weekend at a workshop with Stef Francis. She is a talented lady who hand dyes beautiful threads and fabrics. You can find her online just by googling in her name.
This little bag is made with silk rods which are dyed the most beautiful colours, I chose this pretty pink. Each rod is peeled into layers then stitched to a felt base with different stitches and threads.

The flowers were made with silk cocoons,again hand dyed then cut to fit together and embellished with beads and sequins.

I've just finished some little inspiration needle cases, each one has a felt square for needles and pins and some little pocket for keeping sewing treasures. I love this quote, it somes me up!
I have several of these copies of 'Needlewoman', I love to read them but also I will be using them as pages in my needlework' Keepsake Journals' this autumn

I been on a junk shop fest for the last two days and have found some great bits and pieces.

I loved this old trunk belonging to' MJ Lloyd' it's leather handles are both intact although the inside looks a bit sad. I've left it at my workshop to dry out then it will be cleaned and I am going to re-line it with some great fabric. It will make good storage and a coffee table too.

I also found these three bits, the frame has already had a coat of paint and I'm waiting for it to dry, the metal door plate I just liked the shape and will find a use for it I'm sure and the wooden rolling pin just followed me home.

Isn't this a pretty bedspread it's cotton and you may not like that I'm going to cut it up eeek!. The lady in the charity shop was horrified, but its going to be great!!

Last is this pretty pillowslip, It's been made by hand and in lovely white cotton and no, I'm not cutting this one , it will be washed and starched and ironed for me to use.

Enjoy your day.


soggibottom said...

You are always very welcome to come and clear out attic :-) x x x

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Angela, Your bag is just beautiful! I love your stitching and the silk cocoon flowers.
The trunk is such a great find! I'd love to have one too but I couldn't find one yet that would have been reasonable priced. The bedspread and the pillowslip are both very pretty as well!
Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs to you,

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Angela, lots of lovely finds in your treasure hunting. I don't worry about you cutting anything up as I know it will turn out 10 x's more beautiful than it was before. Your stitching is always amazing. Best wishes! Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that bag Angela!You are really inspiring me to do something new.You have lovely things here,I think Im going to enjoy,lol.

Maureen said...

Just found your blog, looks good. I also upset a charity shop lady last week by telling her I was going to cut up the little pair of jeans that I bought - for my fabric book!!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

ADOre your exquisite bag Angela - you very clever talented lady!!

You had a great shopping spree - the pillow slip is my fave - ooh I can imagine it on my bed too!!

Take care