Monday, 25 February 2013

Fibrecraft Week 3.

I'm now on week 3 of my course and looking forward to class tomorrow. These posts are my visual diary.

We played at blending coloured Merino Fibres to create more variety.

It's so good to learn a new technique and I'm already starting to see some directions I would like to explore.

It's wonderful to work with 'resists' and create a small piece of work. This was part of the work in last weeks class.

This week we are playing with dyes, should be interesting and 'colourful'.............

xox Angela.

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Tammy said...

Hi Angela! How's everything over there? You aren't posting to either blog now. Are you just keeping extra busy with your booth and crafting and such? Hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by! Best wishes, Tammy